Das Ist Lustig has a very interactive "edutainment" program designed with school aged children and young adults in mind.  Children are encouraged to sing along, ring along, or learn folk dances.  Here are some photos and video from the 2015 Houstonfest (High school German contest) pre award ceremony polka party.  

Many unique folk instruments become learning tools.  As the band features each instrument, students are given a little history; where it's from, why it was useful and how it was used.  Accordion, Alphorn, Autoharp, Boombas, Cowbells, and Holzern G'lachter each become the centerpiece of an upbeat German or folk song.  Depending on the amount of time available, students are invited to play cowbells, or Teufelsgeige (a traditional Alpine percussion stick).  A simple folk dance can also be taught, getting everyone on their feet and working together. 

Valina incorporates some German language and simple trivia into the shows, challenging students to use their knowledge from history and language courses.  They have so much fun they don't realize they're learning!  Das Ist Lustig has performed for many school functions: Houstonfest, Kleinfest and Deutsche Samstag. 

Want to have special entertainment for your features on the Netherlands?  Das Ist Lustig also performs as
Dutch Touch.  They have a repertoir of Dutch songs, wooden shoes for students to try on, and a couple of Dutch folk dances to teach.  Valina also speaks Dutch and incorporates Dutch words into presentations.

For price and availability, call or e-mail: (area code 713) 598-8317  or

Click here to see a letter of recommendation from St Paul's School in Houston.

The photo from Kleinfest below is the only one that isn't completely blurry...(there was a lot of energy in that room!)  These kids schunkeled, played cowbells, helped with the march, and danced two folk dances they learned on the spot.  They even got the memo on which Dirndl to wear!